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Scan and Price Cards

Use your Apple® or Android device to scan your cards and see what they’re worth. You can even create full decklists and save them to your device or share with your friends.

Shop on

Does a friend (or foe) have a card you want? Scan it to search the entire TCGplayer Marketplace in seconds. No need to worry about picking the right set or remembering how to spell the name.

Sell Magic Cards to Game Stores

Scan MTG cards you want to sell and use TCGplayer Trade-In to find game stores looking to buy them. With hundreds of stores competing for your cards, it’s quick and easy to find the best offers.

What Makes This App So Great

Completely Free to Use

Download and use the app for free. That way you can save your money for new cards to trick out your favorite deck.

Fully Integrated Scanning

Scan cards to instantly find prices, build decklists, shop on, and create Magic Trade-In submissions.

Real-Time Pricing

Choose between Mid, Low, and Market Price—plus Trade-In High for Magic—to see current TCGplayer price data.

Everything in One Place

Access your TCGplayer account, shop our Marketplace, and trade in Magic cards to game stores across the country—all with a single app.

Accurate Image Recognition

Whether you scan cards right-side up or upside down, in sleeves or in a binder, the app will quickly and correctly identify them.

Multi-Card Scanning

The app will scan as many cards as you can fit within your camera’s field of view. You can scan an entire booster pack in seconds!

This is Just the Beginning

More amazing features are coming, including:

Additional Games

LGS Notifications

And much more!

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