Get More Cash for Magic Cards

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Easily Find the Best Offers

With hundreds of stores across the country competing for your cards, you can be sure you’re getting a great deal.

Ship All Magic Cards to a Single Location

Instead of sending separate packages to each store, simply ship us your entire Trade-In to save time and money.

Get Your Choice of Cash or Store Credit

Receive payment via direct deposit to your bank account, or opt for credit you can spend on more cards from

How It Works

Sign Up

Go to the My Account tab and click on TCGplayer Trade-In. Accept the Terms of Service for Players and provide your contact info and payment preferences.

Create a List of Cards

Use the TCGplayer App to scan the Magic cards you want to sell and add them to your Trade-In. Then press “Optimize” to make sure you’re taking advantage of the best offers.

Submit Your Trade-In

When you’ve added all the cards you want to sell, go to the Trade-In Summary to verify your shipping address and discrepancy preferences. Then submit your list.

Ship Your Cards to Us

Print your packing slip and send all your cards to us as soon as possible so they arrive by the expected delivery date shown in your Trade-In Summary.

Get Paid

Once we receive your cards and confirm they’re the correct conditions, you’ll receive your choice of cash or store credit!

Need Help?

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